Direction Employment is innovative training program that aims to engage young people from vulnerable groups in one of the fastest growing sectors - IT. The project provides free access to the developed methodology and additional training resources for all who want to become trainers.

Training manual

The manual will help people and organizations with interest in working on the project who want to create a program for young people in their community. It presents a model for holistic youth development, incorporating Bulgarian experience in the field and good practices.

The guide is divided into several chapters, which will prepare trainers to understand better how the program works and what are the requirements for the successful achievement of the set goals.

It contains detailed background information and the basic concept of Direction Employment. It describes a wide range of details to consider during the planning and launch phase.

It includes information about recruitment, selection and orientation of trainees, along with the educational components. Finally, it provides guidance for finding a job, as this is the leading goal and indicator of true project success.

Use this manual only for your needs.

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Handbook for trainees

The guide is for motivated young people who want to change their lives by diving into the world of IT technology. It contains:

• Training program

• Training schedule

• IT weekly syllabus

• Sample personal development plan

• Internship contract

• Consequences if the contract clauses are not observed

Provide this guide to the people who you teach. Before that, it is important to familiarize yourself with its contents, so that you can be ready to answer the questions from the students.

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