Direction Employment project provides complete training program that uses modern and interactive learning methods for Information Technology and it applies an individualized approach, tailored to the needs of the learners. The expected results from the program are reducing youth unemployment, coped with integration of young people from vulnerable groups in the labor market.

The program is able to prepare new labour force for the business needs of the sector by providing six months of training in a specific area. The training is orientated to practice so that it can easily meet concrete business expectations.

Employers from different industries can get involved in the project by:

  • Mentoring.Become a personal mentor to one or more young people and bring them into the world of your profession. Help them put the lessons learned into practice and build on their knowledge and skills.
  • Offer an internship. Your company can offer internships to one or more young people and encourage them to apply what they have learned in a real work environment.
  • Hire a participant. Become part of Direction Employment by hiring one or several young people to work. Not only you will contribute to a real transformation in their lives, but you will also allow them to add value to your work.

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