Introduce yourself briefly.

My name is Yoana Yakova and I am a high school graduate currently taking a gap year. I have experience with design, web development and copywriting for social media.

Which course did you take?
Basics of marketing.

How did you learn about it and how did you decide to get involved in the training?
I saw an ad on Instagram.

Have you had experience in the IT field?
Yes, I studied computer science as a major in high school.

Did you like the training itself, did it meet your expectations?
Yes, it was even better than I expected.

What do you like / dislike the most?
The best thing about the course was how much you could learn in such a short period of time.

How do you assess the quality of the training methodology?
Very engaging and informative.

Do you encounter technical or other opportunities and difficulties during the training?
No, everything was fine.

Were you able to start work after the training and how did the training help you?
Yes, I work as an account manager at CreateX.

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