1. Introduce yourself briefly

My name is Joana Peeva and I am from Gabrovo. For my modest 21 years on this planet, I still don't have much life experience, but I'm in the process of accumulating! I am a student at the New Bulgarian University, third year, majoring in Advertising, and currently I work as a copywriter at CreateX DigitalAgency.

In my free time I like to go to the gym, cook, read, get additional education in the field of marketing and advertising, and I also deal with the development of my "blog" on Instagram. Ever since I was a child, literally since I can write, I do it regularly. I have participated in many literary competitions and all my life I have secretly hoped to be able to do something related to this passion and my main talent. And here it happened!

2. Which course did you take? How did you learn about it and how did you decide to get involved in the training?

At the beginning of May I accidentally heard that CreateX has an office in Veliko Tarnovo. I am firmly against the fact that all businesses are concentrated in Sofia, and I was very happy that there is an agency only 50 km from Gabrovo! I went in to check out their Facebook account and the first post was about Alex's digital marketing basics course starting in a few days. I didn't hesitate to sign up, because I decided it was worth traveling so much, given that I would watch it live (I had also recorded Marketing Basics in SoftUni, which is also led by Alex, but I preferred to be live) .

4. Have you had experience in the IT field?

I have not worked anything so far, the internship in the agency is my first work experience.

5. Did you like the training itself, did it meet your expectations?

The training during the course not only answered, but also exceeded my expectations many times over. Alex is the most motivating and inspiring speaker I have ever had and will have, and he still does. At the first lecture I went worried, I knew absolutely no one, I arrived with the help of navigation in a city almost unknown to me and in a completely unknown place. And after the first lecture, in less than three hours in the presence of Alex, I gained enough courage to ask him for an internship. And I couldn't believe I did. From that moment on, I have not stopped moving forward.

6. What do you like / dislike most about the course?

I liked everything in the course. I have absolutely no remarks. The best thing for me is that it is clear that it is held entirely for the benefit of those of us who took part of it, providing us with incredible opportunities for first and subsequent career steps in the field of advertising and marketing. This is an extremely valuable experience and a chance that I do not think I would ever get again. Fate knows its job.

7. How would you assess the quality of the training methodology?

I think it is quite clear from my answers so far, but if there was a grade of "7", I would give it. Otherwise I will limit myself to "6".

8. Did you encounter technical or other challenges and difficulties during the training?

 Only the lack of internet in the hall from time to time was a problem, which, however, was almost invisible. It was then resolved and everything else was fine.

9. Were you able to find a job after the training and how did the training help you?

Yes, and not anywhere, but in CreateX. I will be eternally grateful for this opportunity. Literally after the first lecture, when Alex mentioned that the goal of the course is actually our career development and the opportunity for an internship in his agency, I went to him and asked him "Can I come for an internship?" He told me, "Yes, no problem, you just have to come to the office." I told myself there was no problem. I would still be able to travel for 2 months to Tarnovo. I didn't even dare to dream that I would be hired, and now, 4 and a half months later, I can't wait to get up and leave in the morning. Alex asked me what I could do. Without hesitation, I told him to write. He replied, "Well, you will write." And that was it. One of the best moments in my life, which I am convinced gave me such a kick-start, better than which it is impossible to even imagine.

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