Besides providing rigorous academic learning, the SWitCH course in Portugal, enriched by the Direction Employment methodology, offered on-the job training to the participants.

"The most important in the Switch program is the professional atmosphere, where the final months in a company, get you integrated in the labour market" – says André Senra, a recent graduate. Here is what he shared about his participation in the project:

Hi everyone!

I have applied to this course encouraged not only by my will, but also by everyone’s advice who recognized in me talent and proficiency in new technologies. I wanted to change something in my life and career, and SWitCh fulfilled my needs! 

I can’t say that SWitCh was an easy adventure, but I was feeling happy and realized that I was in the right place. I really enjoyed the training, but unfortunately it finished very very fast for me. 

More than a technology, I learned that developing software is easy when you like what you are doing, when you are in a good team and when you have natural talent. I am just at the beginning, I am aware that I need to be constantly learning, because the technology is always changing, but the important thing is that once you start, you understand the principles, which remain unchanged! 

The most important in the SWitCh program is the professional atmosphere and that during the last months of the internship in the company you have the chance to get integrated in the labour market. 

Wish you all good luck!! 

André Senra

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