The Direction employment project provided IT training for people between the ages of 17 and 29 and prepared them for successful professional careers. The training included three different professional directions in Information Technology - Digital Marketing, Programming and Software Development, and Software Testing. 

The National LGBT rights organization in Lithuania is one of the partnering organizations in the project. Vladimir Simonko, the director of the organization, says: 
“I am very happy with our projects results. 60 people completed the courses, and many of them belongs to the LGBTIQ Community. I believe that these courses would inspire our students to search for an appropriate space for them. While building partnerships with local and international employers and companies, it became evident to us that many of them are ready and determined to work with our students.” 

Learn more about the results of the project in Lithuania in the video below. 

The "Direction employment" project is an innovative, holistic training program that improves employment opportunities for young people in competitive, high-tech industries, including the information technology sector. The project aims to reveal the potential of young people who are not working, studying, or training (NEET), by providing a local training program in IT that meets the needs of the local job market in Bulgaria, Lithuania, Italy, Slovenia, and Portugal. Learn more: 

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