My name is Marie and I am 24 years old. I come from Petrovče, Slovenija. I joined the Direction Employment program because I wanted to stay productive while looking for a job. The program offers new and interesting knowledge that comes in handy today in the world of rapid technology development. It is a mixture of programming, mathematics, mechatronics, which I was not well aware of before enroling into the programme. Now, I know that knowledge of this kind will be useful for me when I look for a job.

Moreover, it offers a refreshing of the already acquired knowledge of general knowledge, such as functional Slovene and English, life skills, such as the basics of communication in relation to oneself and others, relaxation techniques and providing psychological help. Therefore, in addition to my knowledge in the »Back to Employment« program, I also established regular social contact, which I was lacking in the time of unemployment. You get support and thus more hope and motivation in creating your very own career path.

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