- Introduce yourself briefly.
My name is Umar, I am 24 years old and I am from Pakistan. I have been in Italy in Bologna for 5 years. In Pakistan I went to high school and then two years of engineering college. My passions are drawing, painting and playing football.

- Why did you decide to take this course?
I was looking for a computer skills course because I realized that I could not do some things, mainly administrative and bureaucratic issues. Some friends who work in integration services have reported it to me.

- Did the training content meet your expectations?
Absolutely yes. It was a very useful experience and I was very satisfied with the commitment of the teachers. I didn't know how to work with cloud computing systems and it surprised me a lot.
The part about security and social media was also useful. Now I use Excel to do many things that I didn't do before on the computer.

- What did you like the most?
I loved that it was both online and in person. I really liked the atmosphere of the class. I made friends with several people with whom I still see myself.

- Is there anything you liked less? Nothing, all the parts were interesting. The Weschool LMS platform where to find all the exercises was also very useful.

- Would you recommend the course to other people?
Surely. Above all, after the pandemic, even more things are done thanks to digital skills.

- Did you face any challenges or difficulties during the training?
At first, using Excel formulas was a bit difficult but with practice everything became easy.

- Are you working? Did the course help you in your work?
I am a cultural and linguistic mediator for the Pashto, Urdu and Indi languages and I have also found a job as a part-time cashier in a restaurant. I am using the skills acquired mainly in the work of mediator where I have to do more writing and administrative work.

- Do you think the course helps to find work? Of course, now I can do the CV much better than before (laughs). Thanks to the job search module, I can then give a lot of useful advice to other people I know and who are looking for work.

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