I am Razija Šiljegović and I come from Bosnia and Herzegovina. I am 25 years old and living in Velenje, Slovenia. I have joined the Direction Employment program because of the opportunity to learn something new, and also because of the useful knowledge we need for finding a job.

I love learning and, in the program, there is also English, Slovenian, computer skills and programming, that is indeed something new and exciting for me. In addition, there is a psychologist to help us to understand ourselves better and prepare us for finding a job.

The atmosphere is very loving because of professors and everyone’s way in procedure of giving and helping us understand the useful knowledge. Also, there is a possibility for us to learn online with the help of tutorials and exercises.

Since I have learned a lot in the program and met a lot of interesting people, I would like to thank for everything that is going to help me in the future. With knowledge it is easier to live, and despite everything we need it.

Picture1.jpgPicture : Me at the work practice trying to operate the machine

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