– Introduce yourself briefly.
My name is Kevin, I'm 21 years old. I was born in Colombia and was adopted in Italy at the age of  9. First I lived in Florence and then with my family, I moved to Bologna.

– Why did you decide to participate in this course?
I had recently left the civil service because I was tired and I wanted to do something in computer science. A social worker referred me to this course and I signed up.

– Did the training content meet your expectations?
Too much! Thanks to Canva I create the flyers for the parties I am now organizing and then I use Excel to manage the accounts.

– What did you like the most?
The harmony of the group in the classroom and the skill of the teachers who know how to get along with the students.

- Is there anything you liked least? 
The first lessons were the most boring because they were more basic (the basics of the computer) but then everything was interesting.

– Would you recommend the course to other people?
Yes. Especially to those who don't know which way to go. The course can help you think and decide what to do.

– Did you face any challenges or difficulties during the training?
Actually not, because the tutors were always at our disposal and helped us find a way out.

- Are you working? Did the course help you find work?
Yes. Both. I'm working full-time at a green management company that I found online following the 
job search tips I received in the course. This is my first stable job, I had only done occasional jobs. Then, starting from December 31st, I organize disco nights which are working very well, but I also hold on to my job as a gardener. Now I am also interested in music production. I would like to take a new course to learn the techniques.

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