My name is Špela Rihter, and this year I turned 27. I come from the Upper Savinja Valley, from the surroundings of Gornji Grad, but I have been living in Velenje for several years with my fiancé. I attended secondary school in Velenje, where I also obtained my current completed education of gastronomic-tourist technician.

Being unemployed, I noticed a publicity campaign for The Direction Employment project, which was to be run by Andragoški zavod Ljudska univerza Velenje via Facebook in September this year. The ad drew my attention immediately with the first impression, especially when I read that digital literacy and programming lectures were being held as part of this educational program. I wrote an email to the contact person about this project, who very quickly and kindly answered all my questions. I decided to sign up. 

I have joined this program mainly because I feel that Direction Employment lectures cover many of these and skills that employers are looking for and are very desirable these days, but most schools, especially secondary schools, do not always cover them or not every individual has the opportunity to acquire them themselves. As far as lectures and lecturers are concerned, I am very pleasantly surprised. I have experienced a tremendous amount of effort, patience, and good will on my own firsthand. I do not have a single bad experience in the first two weeks of this project.

Thank you for the program.

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