Hi everyone!

When there is a chance to learn something new, I never refuse it and that is also why I enrolled in this course. When they talked about knowledge that can be gained, e.g. creative computing, programming, new technologies, etc., they immediately won me over. I have already had some knowledge of mechanics and electronics, and programming is one of the things that I miss in order to combine these two things into one whole package called "mechatronics". It is not easy to follow all the lectures, but you will reach the goal if you fight hard for your dreams. On the other hand, I especially thank the professors, they are really kind and have a lot of patience and understanding. Furthermore, they give us more time for our assignments and they try in every possible way to motivate us.

When I started the course, I knew few things, but so far I have learned a lot of tips and tricks from the IT sector, obtained new skills e.g. how to create a great biography and present yourself to an employer. These are what you consider good skills. We live in a time where technology is increasingly prevalent, so we have to adapt to these times. If you are ever given the opportunity for a course like this, take my advice and join it. There is never enough knowledge - the more you know, the easier your life becomes.

Hasan Hodžić

Ljudska univerza Velenje

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