After three editions carried out online for anti-pandemic measures, finally the fourth edition of the Italian Direction Employment course (May-July 2022) has been the first edition entirely in person, allowing all the participants from the Bologna area to meet in the classroom where they could get to know each other and create new relationships, as well as learn new skills useful for looking for work and carrying out many jobs where basic and intermediate level digital skills are required.

Online teaching has allowed us to carry out training activities even in a pandemic emergency but  it has also made us to reflect on the importance of the relationship in presence between teacher and student and within the group. 
If it is true that the most effective learning comes from enthusiasm and exchange, these are generated more easily where the involvement is greater, or in direct contact with others.

The possibility to participate online was maintained by organizing the lessons in hybrid mode to allow people unable to attend in person, even for health quarantine situations, to follow the course remotely. The individual activities to be carried out asynchronously have been aggregated on the WeSchool LMS (Learning Management System), an Italian educational platform with a simple and intuitive use that can be used free of charge and by non-profit organizations.

The group, made up of 15 young foreigners aged 20-29 from 9 different countries (Iran, Nigeria, Sudan, Guinea, Pakistan, Morocco, Ivory Coast, India and Bangladesh), was able to carry out 3 modules dedicated to basic and intermediate level IT and digital skills most requested in the work activity, one module of in-depth study on the rights of workers and one final module of development of soft skills and techniques for active job search.

The students withdrew their diploma at the Lai-momo office on the first of September.

The fifth edition of the course is starting by next week at the end of September 2022.

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