The 3rd edition of the course "Direction Employment - IT and Digital Skills for Job Placement" for NEETs in the age group 19-29 is coming to an end.

For the third time the course was held online due to the protracted restrictions caused by the pandemic situation and this time it was attended equally by Italians, second-generation foreigners and foreigners who arrived in our country a few years ago. High school graduates and graduates took part together with foreigners who had recently obtained their secondary school certificate in Italy, demonstrating, if proof were needed, the transversal nature of the interest in digital skills together with the need for guidance in actively seeking work, especially for young people entering the world of work after leaving school or arriving in Italy a few years ago.

Selected on the basis of self-nominations and recommendations received from local services and facilities for people undergoing social and labour inclusion, the enrolees were 8 women and 8 men, representing 9 nationalities: Italy, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Ghana, Tunisia, Macedonia, Somalia, Mali and Morocco.

Using Zoom virtual classroom together with Weschool LMS to carry out asynchronous work activities, the participants attended 120 hours of lectures on the use of computers and their main applications, on the acquisition of transversal digital skills, from awareness of privacy and security issues to the ability to search and select information, collaborate online and produce, edit, share documents and content through the main sharing tools.

16 hours dealt with the protection of workers' rights through trade unions and labour contracts, recognising and dealing with discrimination in the world of work against minorities, sexual genders, ethnicities, nationalities and people with disabilities.

The course ended with a 24-hour module focusing on active job search through different digital tools and how to do it effectively. At the end of the classroom lessons, each participant will have 2 hours of individual and personalised activity to carry out with Lai-momo's career guidance staff.

The new edition of the 160-hour course is scheduled for May-July 2022.


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