The Direction Employment has been adapted by Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation, Bulgaria on the basis of the original version provided by YouthBuild International, USA to assist individuals and organizations interested in establishing a Youthbuild program in their community. It presents the YouthBuild International holistic youth development model by adding the Bulgarian experience and best practices.

The project envisions 3 annual cycles of recruitment, training, and post-training placement monitoring of the NEET youth, 1 diverse group of up to 40 trainees per year. Dissemination of the educational approach will be ensured across the country by applying the gamified mobile classroom methodology in different regions. Evaluation and upgrading of the model will take place on annual basis, and the final evaluation will be based on the following key indicators:

1. More than 50% of the trainees have received placements;

2. 100% of the trainees have reported changes in behavior/self-assessment;

3. 75% of the employers of the trainees have reported changes in their perception of the employability of NEET youth from highly marginalized minorities, which ensures sustainability of the results.